Demanding welding and material.

Bestra Technology have for new subsea project qualified procedures for  X80/F22/AISI4130 and Incolnell 625 based on TIP TIG Technology


Bestra have signed a long term contract to 2018 for Telescopic gangway for cruise vessel

First project is ongoing.



Bestra Engineering had visit from the Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves. They spent their visit going throug the production at a modern Estonian mechanical supplier to the oil & gas industry. Everyone at Bestra is happy and proud that the president showed us the honour of visiting us.



It is written an editorial about Bestra in the business magazine Worlds oil and you can find the Complete article here.



New business magazine Worlds oil has an article about Bestra that you can read here.

Bestra AS in Norway has been rated as a AA Company.

The rating code is determined based on the assessment given to the 4 sub-categories:

  • Organizational facts
  • Ownership / judical
  • Finance
  • Payment history

The following rating codes are used in the rating system, along with the percentage of Norwegian Companies included in each rating Group as of 01.10.2013.